Management Message

Dear Students

I extend a very warm welcome to you all to this unique teacher education institution. I also congratulate you for making one of the most important decisions of life i.e. the decision to become a teacher. The ever growing arena of education has created vast demands for well qualified and trained teachers in India and abroad. Never have the challenges and opportunities for a career in education been more exciting or more critical to the society as they have become today. Thus to excel, you must not only be knowledgeable and skilled but also be adaptable and a fast creative problem to give you ample opportunity to build your own winning combination of skills.
The great poet Kabir had remarked “The excellent teacher is like a potter, a hand of his strikes the outer surface of the mud and shapes the pot just as a father brings discipline in his child’s  life, while the second hand supports from inside lest the mud should collapse just a mother gives inner strength & succor to her ward.”

The world is progressing at a phenomenal pace and there is no dearth of opportunities for talented, dedicated & hard working persons. For a person possessing will to achieve, sky is the limit. I assure you dear students that with the combination of our management’s vision faculty’s devotion and your efforts we shall be able to make your dreams come true. Always and ever, be a fighter and never be a quitter.Never allows yourself to think that any task is beyond you, and any position is too high, all is possible to one that believeth.

  • Think big and your deeds will grow
  • Think small and you will fall behind.
  • Think that you can – and you will –
  • It’s all in the state of mind.


My best wishes to you all.
With best wishes,


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